VW engineers to start work on new engine, wood floor in new UK car

VW engineers will begin work on the engine bay of its new V12 engine in the UK in the coming months, according to the firm’s chief executive.

In a statement, VW said the engine was expected to arrive in late 2017 or early 2018.

VW will offer a range of options to customers and installers, including a wood floor on the V12, and a bespoke engine.

The engine bay will be fitted with a hydraulic brake system, a hydraulic compressor, and an electro-mechanical compressor, the statement said.

VW said it was in talks with a number of suppliers, including the US-based supplier AIA, and was currently evaluating which one it might choose.

The new engine is the latest of VW’s V10 and V12 models to be produced in Europe, as the company looks to expand its global production capacity.

A number of other new cars will be produced by VW in Europe over the next two years, including an all-electric version of the Golf and a plug-in hybrid version of its Golf R.