When it comes to fuel economy, the oil industry is ahead of the curve

Posted March 24, 2019 17:18:53The oil industry has been ahead of other industries in fuel economy over the past year, according to the latest fuel economy numbers released by the US Department of Energy.

The number of miles per gallon that the average passenger car drives in the US increased to 38.4 in December from 35.7 in November, and the average SUV drove 35.2 miles per day in December, the Department of Transportation said.

Fuel economy in December was the highest since November.

However, the overall increase was not as large as that seen in 2016, when fuel economy in the United States improved from 32.1 miles per vehicle to 34.1.

Overall, the fuel economy of passenger cars fell by 0.3 miles per mile.

In November, the average US car travelled 29.9 miles per year.

Vehicles that were older, were more fuel-efficient, were lighter, or had fewer moving parts were more likely to be the culprits.

There was also an increase in the number of people who were using vehicles in cities, such as the average number of vehicles in a city increased from 1,087,100 to 1,111,900.

More: The US is the largest driver of greenhouse gas emissions in the world and the second largest importer of fuel, according a report released on Monday. 

More: The US economy is expected to be in the red for the first time since the mid-1970s, according an independent analysis.

A US government report released last week said the economy has lost $5.3 trillion since 2007, the year that President Donald Trump took office.

It found that while the economy is rebounding, jobs have dropped, wages have fallen and the number and share of people with college degrees has declined.

And, in addition, the economy was in a recession for most of the past five years.