Unity game engine will be used to develop mobile game engine

The Unity game development engine, the successor to the Unity game creator, will be developed in partnership with the Israeli-based Randolph Engineering, according to a document obtained by The Jerusalem News.

According to the document, Unity Engine will be built on top of Randolph’s existing C++ engine, with a focus on portability.

Unity Engine will provide a flexible programming language for mobile game developers, and will be open-source, allowing anyone to develop and contribute to the project, the document said.

The Unity engine is currently used by Unity’s Unreal Engine, which has been used for mobile games for a number of years.

Unity is also currently used to build a number, including the critically acclaimed Unreal Tournament and the recently released Unreal Engine 4.

The source code for Unity Engine was released in April.

Randolph engineers have been working with Unity for more than two years to develop Unity Engine, the source code of which was released on Tuesday.

Randolph Engineering has been working on Unity for a while, according a statement from the company.

The company’s CEO, Yossi Sagi, said in April that he is working with the company to develop a new development environment for mobile developers and “it will be a cross-platform, cross-device solution.”

Sagi also noted that Unity is being developed to be a developer-friendly platform, as opposed to the proprietary engines of the past.

Unity is also being developed as a game engine that can run on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the statement said.

Randulf Engineering will develop a Unity engine-based mobile game, but not a port.

The Unity engine will allow the developer to port to multiple platforms, such as the PlayStation 4, the Apple Watch and Android Wear.

The company said that the mobile games developed in Unity Engine “will be developed for iOS, Android and Windows.”