How to install an engineered wood exhaust system

AUSTIN, Texas — Engineered wood exhaust systems are a growing market for trucking companies, which are trying to meet growing demand for the highly efficient fuel cell.

The vehicles’ energy production is used to generate power for the trucks, with the fuel that is used for powering the engine being harvested and burned by the truck, instead of being pumped out of the vehicle.

There are many advantages to engineered wood products, including the reduction of emissions from the trucks and the efficiency of the fuels used to power them.

But one drawback to engineered products is that they are expensive.

Some companies have made engineered wood systems for less than $2,000, but that can be quite a bargain when you consider that a single system can generate about 1,500 gallons of diesel or gasoline, or more than 10 times as much as a diesel or hybrid vehicle. 

“There’s no question that engineered wood is a viable option for trucks, but there’s a cost component that is not always evident when it comes to a diesel truck,” said Todd Doss, an analyst at the Kelley Blue Book in Austin.

“This is because there is a huge amount of waste material associated with engineered wood.”

“Some engineered wood-burning engines produce a lot more power than diesel engines,” Doss added.

It’s a fact that engineers must consider when designing the engineered wood system, Doss said.

Efficient and economical options are available, but a diesel vehicle requires a diesel engine that’s more efficient and requires less fuel than a conventional vehicle.

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