Which of the three best jobs in Ireland is the most exciting?

A mechanical engineering job is the best way to develop a skilled workforce, according to the latest Jobcentre Plus survey.

Read more: Jobseekers need to be able to take on jobs at home, said the organisation, which polled 1,500 jobseekers over the course of three days.

Jobcentre Ireland chief executive Paul O’Connor said the results were consistent across all categories of employment.

“Jobcentres and employers across the country are looking to recruit and retain skilled people to make our workplaces more efficient and responsive,” Mr O’Connors said.

“With this in mind, the findings from Jobcentres Plus are a great testament to the benefits of the new JobBridge scheme.”

As the government continues to roll out the JobBridge system, the success of Jobcentrs Plus is another indication of how the programme will help the Irish economy grow.

“A new scheme to help employers hire and retain highly skilled workers has also been rolled out to the broader Irish workforce, including in rural areas.

The JobBridge initiative allows employers to apply for a JobBridge grant and pay for a skilled placement in their local community, and offers employers incentives for employing skilled staff.

JobBridge has been rolled into other aspects of the Jobseeker’s Allowance programme, including for unemployed people who have been looking for work for more than six months.