Hotels engineered floor and air conditioning systems for children

Hotels Engineered Flooring and Air Conditioning Systems for Children (HEALES) is an advanced training program designed to help ensure the health and safety of children at all stages of life.

The program provides students with practical skills to help prepare them to work in a wide range of complex environments and provide leadership and guidance in an exciting and challenging career.

Students work in laboratories, laboratories for real-world engineering challenges, laboratories to test and measure solutions to real world challenges and provide feedback on the results to their employers and colleagues.

Students can work on advanced design projects, in labs and on projects in facilities that require safety and quality assurance.

Students working on HEALES are encouraged to learn from industry leaders in the field.

This includes industry leaders who have designed and manufactured HEALes, as well as industry leaders from other disciplines.

Students are also encouraged to explore the broader community of engineering students, to learn about current HEALe programs and to find opportunities to work with them in the future.

To find out more about HEALs, visit the HEAL website.

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