Engineers at Amazon will earn $12.75 per hour, up from $9.25

Engineers at an online marketplace for data engineering and data science are being paid $12 per hour on average, according to a new study.

The new report from The Data Science Association of America (DSAA) was released on Wednesday.

The study also found that a higher-paying position at Amazon has a significant impact on how much a data engineer earns.

The top spot in the survey was taken by data engineer, or data scientist, with an average salary of $12,976, and that position has a 12% increase in pay over the past six years.

The average salary for data engineers was $13,964.

The report found that data scientists in the United States make an average of $11,928 annually.

Amazon data engineer salaries average $11.50 per hour with a 7% increase over the last six years, the report found.

The median salary for Amazon data engineers is $14,904.

The Data Scientist Jobs survey asked employees whether they would be interested in working for the company, and if so, where they would prefer to work.

Of the people surveyed, 63% said they would consider working for Amazon if the company were to offer them the position.

The survey asked the employees about their experiences at Amazon.

According to the survey, a data scientist earns $15,624 annually.

This is the highest salary a data science job can get.

Amazon currently has 4,500 data scientists working at the company.

Data scientists in Amazon are also working in a number of other data science positions, including data analysts, product managers, and sales and marketing managers.