When a man dies, his wife’s body gets put in a freezer

A man who died in a hospital is going to have his body frozen.

The body of Charles F. Gage Jr., 54, died Friday in the intensive care unit of Emory University Medical Center in Atlanta.

He was transferred to a freezer that holds his heart and lung, according to his family.

Doctors told his family he was in critical condition.

He is now in a medically induced coma and his condition has been upgraded to stable, the family said.

Gages wife, Janine, died after she fell ill in January.

She had diabetes and a history of heart problems.

His family has been told that the body will be frozen, the hospital said.

“His family is in a state of disbelief,” said the family in a statement released by the hospital.

“We are thankful that he is in the care of a loving family who have been through a very difficult time.

The family asks that we please respect his privacy and focus on the recovery process.”