Why I don’t want to be an engineer

A week after my graduation, I am still a student in the process of moving from a small city in the USA to a more advanced, technologically sophisticated city.

I am an engineer, but I am also an artist.

I have worked in a number of creative industries and am in a position to see what my future holds.

The first thing I need to do is find a job.

If you are not already familiar with this topic, I recommend reading How to Start Your First Job, by Tim Ferriss, in which he explains the various ways to get started in the world of the entrepreneur. 

When I started my career, I did not have the knowledge necessary to start my own company, nor the knowledge that I did, so I relied on my parents and a number who were experts in the field.

My father was an art director and my mother was a social worker.

As a result, I worked with a range of people including my mom, my father, and a few of my close friends.

As I got more comfortable with the idea of starting my own business, I became more comfortable in making a business plan.

As my business grew, my parents started to look for other ways to support me and eventually, my mother became a full-time nurse.

Since I am a non-professional engineer, I had to hire a full time consultant to help me navigate all of this.

During this time, I began to take on a more creative role in my life.

I would spend time with friends in my city and try to figure out ways to do things that were outside my comfort zone.

My work would also grow as I started to get a more complete understanding of how the software industry works and how to get the best out of it.

As an engineer and as a software developer, I started working on an ambitious new project.

I would spend hours working on the project and make notes and sketches.

After a while, I would start to get an idea of how I wanted the product to look and how I would like it to function.

As the project grew, I developed a set of principles that would help me decide on what the best path forward would be.

I eventually made a decision on a design that would be the starting point for the rest of the project.

In the beginning, I was still very much working with a lot of the same people that I had worked with at my previous job.

In many ways, I could see that I was just another piece of the puzzle that would add to the product. 

I have since moved to a large city in Europe, where the cost of living is more than twice as high as in the US, so a lot more people have to consider their financial situation.

As such, I have had to work on the design with the understanding that it was something I would need to manage.

In order to be successful, the design needs to be simple and functional.

The product needs to work with the rest to provide a great experience.

As time goes on, I continue to think about how to be the best engineer I can be in the context of being an artist, and I will continue to try to make sure that I do not leave myself too much in the way of the environment I work in.