Search for ‘fake news’ and ‘fake information’ with Google, Facebook and Twitter

Google is now offering a new option for users to search for fake news and “fake information,” a move that the company said could “improve search results” and help to fight the spread of “fake news.”

Google said in a blog post that it will now display a banner on the top right of the search results page that reads, “Search for “fake” or “fake stories” on Google.”

This new option will help users better understand what content they’re looking for and how to find it, Google said.

The company said users can search for articles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well.

Google said the new option is part of a broader effort to make Google more transparent about what it has and has not tracked.

The search engine has a history of making such moves in recent months, most recently for a fake news story that prompted the resignation of the top official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Google also launched a program to track and report misinformation in the past year, according to the company.

Google’s decision to include the new search options comes as it is battling back against online news organizations that have been accused of “disseminating false information.”

Google is also being criticized by some for not including more options for users in its search results when they type in a word, such as “cancel,” “check out,” “update,” “updates,” “report,” “search,” “review” and “report a typo.”