NFL hires ‘Google Glass’ expert to help build search engine optimization tool

The National Football League has hired a Google Glass expert to work on its search engine optimizer.

The hiring of Craig Schilling, a former Google software engineer, was first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

He will oversee the search engine’s search optimization efforts, which are overseen by a director and include the design of search engine results and the creation of links to them.

The search engine giant said in a statement Thursday that Schilling will work with the team on the optimization of the league’s search engine, and that he is joining Google in the process.

“Craig has extensive experience in search engine marketing, technology, and web development, having worked on products for the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN,” Google said in the statement.

“He will be helping the search team to create an effective and efficient search engine to improve the quality of the NFL experience and drive growth for the NFL.

Craig is a leading voice in the search technology space, having been the chief product officer at Microsoft for eight years.

He also served as executive vice president of product management for Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

He has worked on a number of technology initiatives for the company, including Bing search, Bing Maps, Bing search performance, Bing Search Engine Optimization, Bing Mobile and Bing News.

Craig is a member of the Search Engine Marketing Association, the industry’s largest professional association for search engine marketers.

Craig has been a partner in a number the search company’s acquisitions.

In April, the search giant paid $500 million for Google, with the potential to pay as much as $1 billion more if it manages to capture a larger share of search traffic in the future.

The deal was first announced by Yahoo.

Schilling has also been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump’s administration.

He’s written a number articles, including one for the conservative National Review, critical of the Trump administration’s policies.

The NFL was not immediately available for comment.