SpaceX to build an airship for the 2020 Olympics

SpaceX is set to begin work on a prototype airship that could one day compete in the 2020 Summer Games.

The company unveiled its plans to build a prototype of the airship at the 2017 International Air Show in Los Angeles.

SpaceX hopes the design will be ready for commercial use in the second half of the decade.

The airship prototype will be built by the company’s Aeronautics Lab and designed to carry payloads, including cargo, and will cost around $25 million.

It will include a wingspan of 60 feet and a height of 6.5 feet, according to SpaceX.

The project is part of SpaceX’s plans to develop reusable rockets and spacecraft that can land on the moon, and could be used for the next Olympics in Tokyo.

The Air Force awarded SpaceX a $2.4 billion contract for the first batch of the prototype, which SpaceX hopes to begin using in 2019.

The prototype will have a wingspans of 60 and a wings area of about 6 feet, as well as a height and weight of between 6,000 and 10,000 pounds, according the company.