The best new and used cars in Australia

The Ford crate engines, known as Fords engines, are the best-selling engine in Australia and have been available since the early 1970s.

These engines are a great choice for a range of different applications and there is nothing quite like them.

Ford engines are among the most popular engines on the road today, with many manufacturers offering engines for many different types of vehicles.

Ford engine sales have been rising, with the Ford Fusion now the most-popular car on Australian roads.

Here are the top ten best-sellers for 2018.


Ford Fusion (Celestia, 2019) Ford Fusion is a powerful, lightweight and fuel-efficient car with a variety of different engines.

This is the second-most popular car in Australia, behind the Ford Fusions.


Ford Focus (Lexus, 2018) The Ford Focus is a great value car with great performance, a powerful engine and excellent value for money.


Ford F-150 (Honda, 2019-20) If you want a sporty sports car that doesn’t break the bank, this is the one for you.


Ford Escape (Hyundai, 2018-2019) It’s hard to find a better value car on the market today.

This luxury crossover is one of the best value cars on the planet.


Ford Fiesta (Ford, 2018-) The Fiesta is the best bang for the buck on the horizon.


Ford Escort (BMW, 2019-) One of the most desirable vehicles on the roads today, the Ford Escorcha is a luxurious vehicle that comes with some serious upgrades.


Ford Transit (Toyota, 2019+) The most successful car in the world is no longer a luxury luxury luxury.

The Toyota Tacoma is a high-end, high-performance vehicle with a wide range of options and a good price.


Ford Taurus (Holland, 2018+) A top-selling model, the Holden Taurus is a sport-utility vehicle with great range and a huge range of features.


Ford Mustang (Ford) This is a brand new car from the US.

It’s a fast and fun hatchback, with good acceleration and very low rolling resistance.


Holden Commodore (BMw) A big, luxurious and exciting brand new vehicle, the BMW M6 is a fantastic value car that will set you back a lot less than the Ford Focus.

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