DuckduckGo search engine shuts down due to data breach

DuckduakGo, a popular search engine used by millions of people worldwide, has temporarily shut down due a data breach.

The search engine was hacked on Monday by a group calling itself “The Hacker News Mafia”.

The hackers used a phishing attack to convince DuckdukGo users that their email addresses were already linked to a fraudulent Duckducksite account, but the site is now inaccessible.

The hacker claims to be behind a “multi-billion dollar cybercrime” and has threatened to release information about the breach, according to Reuters.

Duckduck has been the target of a number of recent cyberattacks and other threats, including an attack on a major US credit card processor in late February, and an attack in April on a company’s website.

In May, the US Department of Homeland Security announced it had taken action against two Russian hackers who were believed to have breached the network of the Federal Reserve.