Why Google is spending $300 million to create an audio engineering lab for Google Search Engine

Google has signed a $300m deal to build an audio science lab in the US, according to an article published today by CNN.

Google will create the lab, which will employ hundreds of engineers from audio engineering firms, in the hope of developing tools that will allow the search engine giant to better serve users in the future.

According to the article, the project will be led by Google’s former chief engineer Chris Urmson and will help Google understand the needs of the search engines’ users in future.

The research will also help Google make better use of its data, it added.

Google has been experimenting with audio for a long time, but has never used it as an integral part of its core product.

Its search engine is the world’s largest.

In March 2018, Google announced that it was expanding its audio research into more areas, including the development of new audio interfaces for mobile phones and televisions.

The audio lab will be Google’s first such project in the world, and will mark a major shift in how the search giant thinks about audio and audio engineering.

It is the first time a search engine company has put its head on the ground to develop its own audio lab.

The research will be run by Google X, a division of the company founded by Eric Schmidt, Google’s founder and CEO.

Schmidt has been an advocate of using technology to make a better world.

In April 2018, Schmidt revealed that Google has hired more than 100 people to help the company better understand the need for better audio and a better digital video ecosystem.